Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Asheville Piano Man

Asheville Piano and Keyboard influence is strong in our community. Think about it. All of us are or have been influenced, soothed, and some have even danced to a beautiful melody played on a piano. When you enter a room with a piano in it, the mood changes, the atmosphere is different, a tune is calling.

When it comes to music in the Asheville area, a piano plays a big part. Whether it is a traveling band, a restaurant, a nightclub, a playhouse, and believe it or not.. we have seen a pickup truck speeding down the streets of Asheville with a guy jamming away on a piano in the back of the pickup. Asheville has dueling pianos in Elaine's at the Omni Grove Park, and also at a new place called Off The Wagon downtown. I know I have walked into Red Stag Grill in Biltmore Village, heard the piano playing, and the whole hustle and bustle of the day just melted away.

We recently stopped by the Piano Emporium on Hendersonville Rd in south Asheville, and met who we now call "The Asheville Piano Man". For some reason my wife wants our 16 month old to have a brand new piano to play with. Shane had so many options, even ones that could connect to Wifi, grab a tune online, and the piano will play the music by itself; and with the keys dropping and everything!! I thought about a "ghost piano player" production idea for a minute, then focused on trying to talk my wife out of this. But deep down inside, after seeing and feeling it; I still have that piano on my mind. Something tells me soon!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hendersonville Fire Restoration

Hendersonville Fire Restoration services must be a comprehensive effort to bring your home or business from damaged, back to restored and new. Of course nobody plans a fire, and it is a major inconvenience to all affected. Safety is the first concern. Making sure your smoke detectors are working, candles and flammables are secure, your exits are clear, nobody is smoking in the house, and having extinguishers nearby are just a few of the measures you can take. 1-800-Water-Damage is ready to help you with some preventive ideas, to make sure you do not regularly need a Hendersonville Fire Restoration to come to your rescue.

Hendersonville Fire Restoration could mean anything from dealing with damaged furniture, up to structural damage; things that needs to be carefully evaluated to assure the restoration process is properly completed. Then you have the "smoke smell" that needs to be removed from the home or business as well. Dealing with the insurance company is also an area that 1-800-Water-Damage can assist you with, and make sure every bit of ruin is taken care of. When dealing with all of the damage, and having to hire a Hendersonville Fire Restoration company; the last thing you need is to get stuck trying to do it all yourself.

Hendersonville Fire Restoration companies understand about the loss of personal things, even highly sentimental items such as family photos and jewelry. Having a "Fire-Box" or fireproof safe is your best bet, but like we mentioned before, we never plan on having a fire, so very few have these items to preserve their keepsakes.

1-800-Water Damage of WNC is a company that provides Hendersonville Fire Restoration services from start to finish. As soon as your family is safe, and the local Fire Department puts the fire out; give them a call for prompt and reputable service and repairs.