Saturday, January 26, 2013

Asheville Auto Insurance

When it comes to Auto Insurance in Asheville NC, you want the best coverage for the lowest payment you can find. Sean at Adams & Brown Insurance Agency in South Asheville is what many call the "Lizard Whisperer" and "Pig Roaster" when you stand their local company against the bigger nationwide and worldwide insurance agencies. They are so confident, he offers a free quote comparison that has allowed several of our friends to save hundreds of dollars per year on their Asheville area auto insurance policy.

Whether your drivers record is perfect, or if you have had problems, speeding tickets, DUI... Adams and Brown in South Asheville can find you the right insurance to fit your exact needs. Sean does the homework for each client individually because an insurance policy is not "one size fits all." Looking for Asheville Auto Insurance? Call Adams & Brown Insurance at 828-681-0790 and you can apply for a Quote on the Website.

Asheville Barber and Haircuts at Joe King's

The "Joe King" barber shop has been in the Asheville area for years. We had stopped by here several times to get a quick buzz or haircut from Joe back in the days. Today is is run by several women and they have a nice thing going on there. From what I have observed, there are a lot of barber shops in Asheville that are run by women. The team at Joe's also do haircuts, styling and more for the ladies of course. They are located at 484 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville NC 28804, on the northside on town. You can also see Joe King on Yelp.

Asheville Contacts and Contact Lenses

George and Jackie at the Optical Shoppe in West Asheville are great local people in the community who can help you with your contacts, contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses and more. There are plenty of eyeglass frame styles for you to choose from. They also have an Optometrist at the shop several days a week who can provide exams for you and your family.

Are you looking for contacts / contact lenses in the Asheville North Carolina area? The Optical Shoppe is a great choice with one on one transactions with the Owners, and personalized service that has made them the top pick of many.

Mezzaluna - Yum in Hendersonville NC

In Hendersonville North Carolina, you will find a great restaurant called Mezzaluna on Main Street downtown. We stopped by there for a meal & had a wonderful experience. The atmosphere was inviting and comfortable, the staff was great, and the food was sooo good. Here is a photo of Mussels + Chorizo, a combination that quickly elevated this to one of the best Mussel dishes I have tried in WNC. Looking for a yum place to eat in Hendersonville NC? This restaurant is a must stop!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Asheville locals “follow their bliss” to create an unusual yet meaningful book

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell (1904–1987)

Mark Bloom and Linda Ray are duo behind Ray Access. They find other outlets for creative and professional passions. Mark edits books, both fiction & nonfiction.
Asheville author Dielle Ciesco took the words of mythologist Joseph Campbell to heart and started writing. Mark gave her words the heartbeat to make them come alive. The book definitely personifies the kind of collaboration that makes Asheville a unique and thriving arts community.
Contact Dielle Ciesco: or at 828-667-2967.
Contact Mark Bloom: or at 828-280-1686.

North Buncombe FFA Chapter Announces Scholarship Fundraiser BBQ

WEAVERVILLE, N.C. - The Future Farmers of America (FFA), Buncombe County is having a BBQ fundraiser on Friday, February 1 at North Buncombe High School in the cafeteria. The event lasts from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome and you can dine in, or take it to go. This is a fundraiser for scholarships given by the North Buncombe High School alumni to graduating seniors who were involved in the agricultural program throughout high school.

Dine in cost is $8 per plate and includes a beverage, baked beans, slaw, bread and dessert. For those who wish to bring their tasty BBQ home, it will be available for $7 per pound. Need advance tickets? Call Shawn Burleson at: 828-777-5818; or Justin Gillespie at 828-777-2187. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zodiac Freak Party in Asheville NC, Friday January 25

Introducing Laughing Yoga of Asheville NC

Recently, a new form of exercise called Laughing Yoga made it way into town. Brian Bevans started it back in November 2012, and has been building a community around it since. He says "Laughing Yoga is way to release stress, bring more oxygen into the blood, lowers blood pressure, brings people closer together through team building, great for the skin, help with memory and it is extremely healthy for your whole body." For more information you can call Brian at 828-782-6989 and visit the Laughing Yoga of Asheville Facebook Page.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Asheville Tattoo Fest 2013 - Coming March 14-17th

The 2nd Annual Tattoo Fest is set for March 14-17, 2013 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville. Celebrity Artists include Lea Vendetta (pictured in photo above), Big Gus, Tommy Helm, Jasmine Rodriguez, Clint Cummings, Bili Vegas and many other worldwide Tattoo legends. You can also Like Asheville Tattoo Fest on Facebook.

Asheville Wing War II - Wings, Beer, Music & YOU!

The Asheville Wing War is back for the 2nd time! On March 10, 2013 many restaurants in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area will be at WWII battling it out for the BEST Wings. Add great local beer sponsors like Sierra Nevada and Pisgah Brewing to the mix and WOW, it's always a good time. The returning Champions are ready to retain their title! Who has the best Wing in Asheville? We will find out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming February 19, 2013 - Ignite Asheville

We are excited to announce that Ignite Asheville is happening again, for the second time, on February 19, 2013 at Highland Brewing Company in East Asheville. They give you 5 minutes on stage, with 20 slides to use, to tell us your story, your passion, the thing you know will Ignite Asheville! Last year was the ground-breaking event that was completely sold out with folks turned away at the door. And what a great time we had. This year they have a venue that can handle about twice the crowd, so a huge community celebration it will be!! And yes, plenty of local craft beer (& water) straight out of the spicket will be on tap.

This year it is a little more exciting as they are using a community voting system where every one of you actually has 10 votes on the speakers you would like to hear. How it works is you go to the Ignite Asheville Vote Page and start voting for 10 people and subjects. As you can see on the voting page, there are so many great stories and applications that have come in. This is exciting. You, the people, get to plan this fantastic evening at Ignite Asheville! You can also help by promoting Ignite Asheville. Lets make it happen.

Asheville Attorney Cynthia Alleman - Wills, Probate, Guardianships, Trusts

Here is a featured video of Asheville Attorney Cynthia Alleman who specializes in Wills, Probate, Guardianships, Trusts, and Power of Attorney:

Asheville Crafts in the Grove Arcade

If you not been to the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville, it is a must stop when you come to the area. Lots of shops, eateries and history. One of our favorite stores is Asheville NC Home Crafts as they feature the work of so many craft artists not only in the AVL area, but also WNC and Regional. You can check out the Artist map when you stop by the store. There is something for everyone in this awesome shop. Are you looking for some incredible, handmade crafts in the Asheville area? This place inside of the Grove Arcade is a must see!

Asheville Insurance by Adams & Brown

Sometimes we are bombarded with insurance necessities and options. Everywhere we look it is auto, health, home, renters, business, and even disaster insurance at our doorstep. In Asheville, Sean at Adams & Brown Insurance focuses on Auto, Home, Motorcycle, Business and Commercial. The folks love him because of his down to earth and practical attitude about getting the best possible insurance for the price you are going to pay. He provides fair quotes and comparisons that come from a variety of providers. Are you looking for an Asheville area insurance company that can work around you, your budget, your needs? Sean is great to work with and has saved several of our team hundreds per year without the hype. You can give Adam's & Brown Insurance a call at 828-681-0790.

Asheville Printing by PostNet 141

Remember the days when you were all excited to print something at home, or at the office? Since then, many of us have realized we have more important things to do. Why not team up with an Asheville Printing company like PostNet 141 who offers print and many other services that go along with their neighborhood business center theme. Whether it is a flyer, business cards, envelopes, qr codes, or a full print design from scratch; PostNet Printing in South Asheville can help you with this!

Where can I get Eyeglasses in Asheville NC? Here..

There is a little shop in West Asheville that sells eyeglasses, contacts and other accessories. If you know where the Post Office is on Patton Avenue behind Sonic, the Optical Shoppe in the same parking lot plaza. Being able to see is a luxury that many of us cannot afford to lose. Being able to see better is a possibility for many of us. See this video and meet Jackie and George:

We have done business here several times in the past year and love going to the Optical Shoppe in Asheville for our Eyeglasses. 

TallGarys Asheville Restaurant & Music Hall

On the corner of College Street at Pritchard Park is TallGarys Cantina which is a lot more that just a taco shop. This venue in downtown Asheville starts off as a restaurant, but then you have to consider the outside patio, dinner, lunch + dinner on weekends, a full bar, Bloody Mary Bar, a stage area and late night entertainment. How about a Local Craft Beer or Tequila Flight to go along with that? Some Rock & Roll, Open Mic and Local Asheville Music! Sometimes it even breaks out into a dance party. Who knows?! Looking for a restaurant with a little twist? Some place where everyone is welcome and comfortable.. TallGarys is the spot.

Where can I find a Chiropractor in Asheville and WNC? Here..

Asheville is definitely not at a shortage for Chiropractors in general, but for one who has a successful and proven track record, there may take some digging. South Asheville Chiropractic features Dr. Henry Battistoni who uses state-of-the-art gentle hands on methods. When we met with the Doc, his concern was people living better by getting the proper adjustments and procedures needed. Are you struggling with pain? Are you located in the Asheville or WNC area? A Chiropractor may be exactly what you need. The Doctor Is In! You can meet him in this video below:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Asheville and WNC Junk Removal, Recycling, Upcycling, and Repurposing

Many people in Western North Carolina are always looking for ways to save, reuse, or recycle their goods. A group named Junk Recyclers based in North Asheville is doing a great work in the community. As you can see in this video, they come to your place and get rid of your "junk" or unwanted items. Sometimes this can be free of charge if there is some value and they can repair and/or resell it at a discounted price to the public. You can visit the Regeneration Station showroom on Riverside Drive. Do you have junk laying around your house, garage, basement, shed, or storage unit? Asheville's Junk Recyclers can help you clear it up!

Hidden River Events in Swannanoa NC - Asheville Weddings

Having a wedding in the mountains of Western North Carolina is magical. Hidden River Events is located just minutes East of Asheville North Carolina in Swannanoa, a great micro-community on the road to Black Mountain. With lots of acreage, they provide overnight or retreat accommodations, as well as a grand place to have events. Many folks choose Hidden River Events as their wedding destination as it is secluded and private, yet only a 10 minute drive to Asheville NC.

Eats and Treats Cafe in North Asheville - Woodfin NC

Everyone remembers the old Philly Hoagie House in Woodfin. It was the ice cream stop on that end of town. Now they are under new management and the place is called Eats & Treats Cafe. The menu and prices are great! If you are in the north Asheville area, stop by and check this place out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts!